Autumn, beautiful autumn!

Ok, my last post was probably not the most interesting in terms of photos so I thought I better post something with photos. Last weekend I went for a beautiful walk around Delsjön here in Gothenburg and on that walk I was reminded of how beautiful autumn is here in Sweden (I’m sure it is beautiful in other places in the world too…). Since the walk was also a bit of catching up with some friends I didn’t spend too much time taking photos but I did take some for playing around with HDR processing once I was back home. I’m not going to explain what HDR photography is here since I talked about it in a previous post.

This photo was the only one I really liked and as you can see this is not really a realistic representation but I really liked how it turned out. The realistic version was… well, boring. So this is also something you can do with the help of HDR photography. I did take some more photos that and although I’m not too happy with the result they did teach me some things when it comes to HDR so I guess they filled a purpose.

I think especially the bottom one of these two show what HDR and only HDR can do. Here I was shooting straight into the sun but I can still see all the details on the ground in front and in the trees to my left with the sun itself still being in the frame.

I also took this photo and as it was a bit boring in its “natural state” I made it (at least to me) a bit more interesting and now I actually like it.

You see, keeping things real is not always the best option for a photo. I really like the first photo in this post and I like this last one too and the only reason is because of the surreal or warped way of displaying them. Do you disagree, is it better to stay real?

Anyway, apart from this most of the time was spent walking, talking and, without capturing the surroundings, enjoying this beautiful autumn day…

By the way, for your information, I have started to use Google+ and I’m trying to post at least one photo per day there. Most of the time not much rambling but just photos. Most of them you can find here somewhere but I’m rediscovering a lot of old stuff so some I have never shown before and some you would have to go pretty deep into links and slideshows to find here. You don’t have to sing up to have a look at my Google+, most of my stuff I publish to the public so anyone can see just follow the link at the top of the right column.

That’s all for today, now I’m going out to enjoy another beautiful autumn day in Gotheburg (which I havn’t seen since last weekend).


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  1. by Hnutz

    I like the two pics you say you’re not that happy with. I think the sky and the trees really pop out and makes it look quite like the beautiful day it was. Go HDR, go! ;)

    The first one love it too but still can’t believe that cute little hut was a toilet… I’d have expected Snowhite’s dwarfs to answer the door!

  2. by Gingersoup

    I love all of them in this post!!! They all look like from fairy tales!

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