I’m finally delivering the photos from their  September wedding to Maja and Erik. It’s a special and very nervous feeling to finally hand over your product. The first thing I normally show my couples is a slideshow with a few selected photos from the day and yesterday I sent that […]

Maja & Erik is such a cute couple! That was probably my first thought when I saw them a few weeks ago. Well, to be honest, I think my first thought was, I hope Jong Ah will get me a cake, but that was totally unrelated to me seeing Maja […]

Some months ago I visited my dad and Ibi in Västerås. While there we had a few sessions of dog photography. My dad and Ibi had invited three of their friends to come over to have their dogs shot… hmmm probably better to say “photographed” :). So apart from their […]

I know it’s been a long time and the only bad excuse I have is that I can’t fit all I need/want to do into a day, week or even a month. Enough apologizing and on to this post and Tehler Blues Band! Last night I went to Nefertiti (www.nefertiti.se) […]

Well no, I can’t say that I am but I did spend a weekend with my Dad and Ibi dabbling in dog photography. Being dog people themselves (photos will come at some point) they of course know all the dogs in the neighborhood and my dad had kindly spread the word that his son […]

Last year I started something new, I started rock climbing. It’s awesome and something I have wanted to do for quite some time. Now, I’m not going to write about climbing and I’m not posting climbing photos neither instead this post is about the pretty cool little town my new […]

Some months ago I took my first step towards being a little bit more serious with my photography, I accepted my first ”real” photography job. I was asked to take some staff profile photos for their website. It was a fairly straightforward job from a photography point; they wanted simple […]