Another year has gone and once again I find myself on a train travelling through a wintry landscape on my way ”home”. Since I started with photography I have realized I spend much more time observing and looking at my environment and that is never truer than when I take this trip. […]

As I had finished my last post I felt motivated to finally go through all the photos from Madrid and make my selection, processing and so on. As I was doing that I realized I had missed several photos I liked from my Madrid trip in my first post so […]

I have failed yet again!! It’s been way too long since my last post and again, life gets in the way. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take my photography towards a bit a business and I have applied to get the tax paper needed in Sweden (F-skattsedel). […]

A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite couple, Brigitte and Annemarie, came by to get some headshots taken. They are two great girls that are in a CV writing and sending period and over a beer a week before the shoot we talked about updating and spice up […]

Maybe I should start by sharing links to the before pictures which have appeared in two previous posts here and here (in the second one you have to scroll down in the post to find Frida). Anyway, it was time to photograph the result of the 40 weeks incubation period […]

I know it’s not a great to start with apologizing, so I won’t. I will tell you though that I’ve had a period where I just wanted to prioritize something else and I didn’t really do a lot of processing or posting. That period is now officially finished and I’m […]

Even though I’m from “the north of Sweden” in the eyes of anyone from Stockholm or south of Stockholm I had actually never been to the “real” north. Sweden is a very long country and my hometown, Sundsvall is in the geographical center of Sweden but of course most of […]

I’ve been doing some traveling in the last two and a half weeks. First I went to Dublin for a week and after that I got on a train (AFTER returning to Sweden with an airplane) for 24h to reach the far north of Sweden. Both of these were great […]

Last weekend I went to a Lenny Kravitz concert here in Gothenburg. I went for the concert but I thought I would bring my camera and try my luck with a bit of concert photography. The weather was great, it was packed with people and the atmosphere was great! I […]

After a long time of keeping busy and not getting a chance of picking up my camera last weekend I finally managed. Jongah was here for a visit and on Saturday we went for a walk in the city and we stumbled upon a street festival on Andra Långgatan in […]