If you are reading this you have already realized that it looks a bit different here. I have finally updated my website (not only the blog). I have wanted to do that for some time now but I haven’t been able to find the time until now. Anyway, here it […]

I have done it again. Life has come in the way and my blog has suffered. I’ve had a string of application deadlines lately that has kept me fairly busy at work and outside of work actually. Add to that training for Worlds (for those of you that doesn’t know […]


So what do the streets of Dublin have to offer?

You can say a lot about Dublin… but I’m not going to, at least not more than that its streets is its treasure and they offer a multitude of interesting things, something for all your senses. I was back there 1.5 weeks ago (I say back since I used to […]

I started this post little over a week ago when I was on a bus going to Oslo to visit a friend. Unfortunately working on the computer and going on a bus was not agreeing with me that day so I had to stop. Since then I’ve been too busy […]

It’s no coincident that my last post was around when I started my new job here in Gothenburg. It’s been a bit of adjustments, settling in and a fair amount of work in the last few months. That I went on a trip to Uruguay for almost one month over […]

Just a short post sharing some photos from last weekend in Stockholm. It was cold, the weather was not great, the days were short and dark, the visit was fantastic!! I’ve been in Stockholm three times now (as a “tourist” that is, meaning, actually walking around in the city) and […]

I thought I would write a bit about some of my experiences in portrait photography (which is not much but I’m continuing to learn). Last time I was in Sundsvall I had the pleasure to photograph the Nillsons. They are  friends of my sister and after they saw the photos […]

Ok, my last post was probably not the most interesting in terms of photos so I thought I better post something with photos. Last weekend I went for a beautiful walk around Delsjön here in Gothenburg and on that walk I was reminded of how beautiful autumn is here in […]


Color management on the internet

Ok, I just realized something today and I thought I could share that with you. This has to do with enjoying photos on internet. Did you know that different browsers can display photos very different? When I say “I realized today” it was more of re-realizing something I saw in […]