I have finally done it, I have signed up to one of these social networks. No, still not on Facebook (you know it is the work of the…) but instead I signed up on Google+. I have been reading blogs from some photographers and from them I have understood Google+ […]

I’m at home working on some images but of a very different kind, it’s the scientist in me at work. The images are fairly big and the software I’m using demand a lot and each thing I do to them my poor computer spends quit a bit of time processing […]

After visiting my family up north I took a very familiar flight, a flight back to Dublin. The plan was to have some work meetings (I’m still finishing up my work from there) and apart from that just enjoy… not sure what happened but I ended up spending most of […]

Last week I went up to my beautiful hometown Sundsvall to visit my sister and my niece. I can’t even remember when I was there in the summer last time (well, I guess September is not really summer but there was no snow). As always when I come home time […]

My dad asked in his comment to the post with the photos of my sister and Nea if I did some black and whites and the answer is yes. Well, actually I never take photos in black and white, I prefer to convert the color photos to black and white […]

I’m back and even if it’s been a little longer than I had hoped for it hasn’t been six months so I guess I shouldn’t complaint. So what is on the agenda today? Well actually I think I will go back in time a couple of months because even if […]

It’s been a while to say the least. The last six months have been, well, let’s say busy. I’ve finished up my time in Ireland and I just arrived back to Sweden and Gothenburg. Finishing up things kept me pretty busy so this place had to take a back seat. […]


Someone wanted my photos!

Back at work… life is good… Taking a break to post my first (“confirmed”) photo order. As I said in yesterdays post, someone asked me for some of my photos to hang on her wall. Granted, it was my sister but still, someone is ready to print and hang my […]


Immediate failure

What can I say, I’m a disaster. In my last post I said I had given up on some stuff that I wanted to post because I never got the time to go through it and instead I was aiming to be more efficient with new photos. Well, I started […]

After a week of laying in bed due to the flu I think I can finally get back to life tomorrow. I got some stuff I have wanted to put up here but I still haven’t been able to get around to the photos. I guess we will see if […]