Let there be light!

Ok, in trying to keep my new year resolution in being more frequent on my blog here is another post. After getting stuck in Dublin over Christmas I spent New years in Sweden with my family. I brought some toys with me of course (that is camera stuff, not Christmas […]


Winter in Dublin…

I wish I could say that this will be a one time thing but I’m afraid this will be one of many late posts (this one being from around Christmas). However, I aim to improve and try to add stuff to this blog a bit more frequent, I only hope […]


An emotional journey

So, once again I’m a bit late with this post but since my middle name is “better-late-than-never” I guess it’s all as it should be. Last Saturday I had some guys over for dinner and as always it was an evening of deep conversations, soul revealing, we laugh, we cry, […]



Ok, I’m not getting off to a good start. My first “real” post is over a week old already. Anyway, better late than never I guess (hope). Just to get one thing straight right off the bat, writing is not one of my superhero powers and even if it was, […]


My new site is up!

So I’ve given my website a new look and a new structure, I thought it was about time. The main site is now just a few selected photos in six different catagories with very limited amount of text. I wanted a “clean” and simple site that puts the photos in […]