Some months ago I visited my dad and Ibi in Västerås. While there we had a few sessions of dog photography. My dad and Ibi had invited three of their friends to come over to have their dogs shot… hmmm probably better to say “photographed” :). So apart from their […]

Well no, I can’t say that I am but I did spend a weekend with my Dad and Ibi dabbling in dog photography. Being dog people themselves (photos will come at some point) they of course know all the dogs in the neighborhood and my dad had kindly spread the word that his son […]


Someone wanted my photos!

Back at work… life is good… Taking a break to post my first (“confirmed”) photo order. As I said in yesterdays post, someone asked me for some of my photos to hang on her wall. Granted, it was my sister but still, someone is ready to print and hang my […]


Let there be light!

Ok, in trying to keep my new year resolution in being more frequent on my blog here is another post. After getting stuck in Dublin over Christmas I spent New years in Sweden with my family. I brought some toys with me of course (that is camera stuff, not Christmas […]