Even though I’m from “the north of Sweden” in the eyes of anyone from Stockholm or south of Stockholm I had actually never been to the “real” north. Sweden is a very long country and my hometown, Sundsvall is in the geographical center of Sweden but of course most of […]

Last week I went up to my beautiful hometown Sundsvall to visit my sister and my niece. I can’t even remember when I was there in the summer last time (well, I guess September is not really summer but there was no snow). As always when I come home time […]

My dad asked in his comment to the post with the photos of my sister and Nea if I did some black and whites and the answer is yes. Well, actually I never take photos in black and white, I prefer to convert the color photos to black and white […]

It’s been a while to say the least. The last six months have been, well, let’s say busy. I’ve finished up my time in Ireland and I just arrived back to Sweden and Gothenburg. Finishing up things kept me pretty busy so this place had to take a back seat. […]


Let there be light!

Ok, in trying to keep my new year resolution in being more frequent on my blog here is another post. After getting stuck in Dublin over Christmas I spent New years in Sweden with my family. I brought some toys with me of course (that is camera stuff, not Christmas […]