A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite couple, Brigitte and Annemarie, came by to get some headshots taken. They are two great girls that are in a CV writing and sending period and over a beer a week before the shoot we talked about updating and spice up […]

Maybe I should start by sharing links to the before pictures which have appeared in two previous posts here and here (in the second one you have to scroll down in the post to find Frida). Anyway, it was time to photograph the result of the 40 weeks incubation period […]

I have done it again. Life has come in the way and my blog has suffered. I’ve had a string of application deadlines lately that has kept me fairly busy at work and outside of work actually. Add to that training for Worlds (for those of you that doesn’t know […]

I started this post little over a week ago when I was on a bus going to Oslo to visit a friend. Unfortunately working on the computer and going on a bus was not agreeing with me that day so I had to stop. Since then I’ve been too busy […]

It’s no coincident that my last post was around when I started my new job here in Gothenburg. It’s been a bit of adjustments, settling in and a fair amount of work in the last few months. That I went on a trip to Uruguay for almost one month over […]

I’m at home working on some images but of a very different kind, it’s the scientist in me at work. The images are fairly big and the software I’m using demand a lot and each thing I do to them my poor computer spends quit a bit of time processing […]

I’m back and even if it’s been a little longer than I had hoped for it hasn’t been six months so I guess I shouldn’t complaint. So what is on the agenda today? Well actually I think I will go back in time a couple of months because even if […]