Just a short post sharing some photos from last weekend in Stockholm. It was cold, the weather was not great, the days were short and dark, the visit was fantastic!! I’ve been in Stockholm three times now (as a “tourist” that is, meaning, actually walking around in the city) and […]

Ok, my last post was probably not the most interesting in terms of photos so I thought I better post something with photos. Last weekend I went for a beautiful walk around Delsjön here in Gothenburg and on that walk I was reminded of how beautiful autumn is here in […]


Color management on the internet

Ok, I just realized something today and I thought I could share that with you. This has to do with enjoying photos on internet. Did you know that different browsers can display photos very different? When I say “I realized today” it was more of re-realizing something I saw in […]

I have finally done it, I have signed up to one of these social networks. No, still not on Facebook (you know it is the work of the…) but instead I signed up on Google+. I have been reading blogs from some photographers and from them I have understood Google+ […]