Another year has gone and once again I find myself on a train travelling through a wintry landscape on my way ”home”. Since I started with photography I have realized I spend much more time observing and looking at my environment and that is never truer than when I take this trip. […]

Even though I’m from “the north of Sweden” in the eyes of anyone from Stockholm or south of Stockholm I had actually never been to the “real” north. Sweden is a very long country and my hometown, Sundsvall is in the geographical center of Sweden but of course most of […]

Ok, my last post was probably not the most interesting in terms of photos so I thought I better post something with photos. Last weekend I went for a beautiful walk around Delsjön here in Gothenburg and on that walk I was reminded of how beautiful autumn is here in […]

Last week I went up to my beautiful hometown Sundsvall to visit my sister and my niece. I can’t even remember when I was there in the summer last time (well, I guess September is not really summer but there was no snow). As always when I come home time […]