Some months ago I took my first step towards being a little bit more serious with my photography, I accepted my first ”real” photography job. I was asked to take some staff profile photos for their website. It was a fairly straightforward job from a photography point; they wanted simple […]

If you are reading this you have already realized that it looks a bit different here. I have finally updated my website (not only the blog). I have wanted to do that for some time now but I haven’t been able to find the time until now. Anyway, here it […]

I have finally done it, I have signed up to one of these social networks. No, still not on Facebook (you know it is the work of the…) but instead I signed up on Google+. I have been reading blogs from some photographers and from them I have understood Google+ […]


My new site is up!

So I’ve given my website a new look and a new structure, I thought it was about time. The main site is now just a few selected photos in six different catagories with very limited amount of text. I wanted a “clean” and simple site that puts the photos in […]