Ok, I just realized something today and I thought I could share that with you. This has to do with enjoying photos on internet. Did you know that different browsers can display photos very different? When I say “I realized today” it was more of re-realizing something I saw in a post some months ago. Anyway, this is what it is about, here is an example of an old photo I just posted in Google+.

I processed this photo as HDR (which I’m not going to explain here) which brings out a lot of details in photos and it is fairly easy to overdo it. Anyway, for a photo with such strong color and close to the border (or maybe even slightly over) to being over cooked the differences between different browsers can completely kill the photo for some. I had a look at this photo in four different browsers; Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Here is a comparison between the four as they were displayed (as screen dumps):

I don’t know how well the differences come through on your screens (not sure how much the screen dump and making the collage and re-saving the image affected it) but Firefox and safari are relatively similar while Google Chrome and IE are similar but different to the first two. I should mentioned that Firefox and Safari are the two that show the photo most similar to the original I have when I view it on my screen.

The reason for these differences is that Firefox and Safari are both color managed which basically means that they are calibrated to display the color such as they were saved in the jpg (given that they are saved in a correct way). I’m sorry, I’m trying to stay away from the too technical details which I guess can result in some questions. If you want some more information on color management etc. I recommend Google it or start here.

So what is this about, what am I saying? Well, if you are like me and you prefer to see photos in the way that the photographer meant to show it you should use a color managed browser such as Firefox or Safari (I guess there might be others) and stay away from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and other browsers that are not color managed.

Just some suggestions…

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