Headshots for my first “real” assignment!

Some months ago I took my first step towards being a little bit more serious with my photography, I accepted my first ”real” photography job. I was asked to take some staff profile photos for their website. It was a fairly straightforward job from a photography point; they wanted simple headshots with white background. The challenge was in that we were talking about more or less 90 people. With a full time job (“on the side”) and no experience doing a thing this big I said “YES”. This meant I needed to get a tax card or an “F-skattsedel” in Swedish, which basically means I started up my own little company. This process got me thinking about taking my photography a bit more serious and to try to attract more work. I’m not quitting my job or anything but a few photography gigs every once in a while wouldn’t be too bad.

So back to my headshot assignment. I think the most important thing I take away from this is the interaction with all the people I photographed. As I said, from a photography point of view a headshot like this is maybe not the most fun but I got the chance to have almost 90 people in front of my camera with about 10 minutes to produce a headshot that they were happy with. I really got to practice my people skills which for me are perhaps the biggest challenge for someone photographing “normal” people. Several people came into my little portable studio saying “Oh I hate this”, “I always look so bad in photos”, “I’ve been dreading this moment” and so on. To have these people leaving with a smile on their face, happy with their photo and saying things like “this was actually fun”, “that photo is actually nice” and so on was more rewarding than I would have thought.

So what about the result? Well, I’m not going to post 90 photos so here is a smaller selection.

Profile portraits, headshots by Peter Sandin. photographer in Göteborg

So would I do a job like this again? Well, perhaps not a 90 people kind of job since that would not work with a full time job “on the side” (in this case there were special circumstances that made it all possible) but sure, I would do more portrait and headshot jobs like this. I really enjoyed the people part of this job and that’s a challenge I’d like to keep working and improving on. I guess the bigger question is, will I get another chance somewhere else? :)

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