It’s Christmas time!!

Another year has gone and once again I find myself on a train travelling through a wintry landscape on my way ”home”. Since I started with photography I have realized I spend much more time observing and looking at my environment and that is never truer than when I take this trip. We (people in Sweden) are blessed with an amazing country with so much nature (some would call it empty space I guess) and one spectacular and comfortable way of enjoying this great gift and privilege is by train. Right now the almost monochrome landscape outside the windows takes you into what seems to be a dream world. The white snow is covering almost everything and the only thing giving any kind of contrast to the scene are the trees, spruce which dark green robe appears black, naked birches revealing their beautiful black and white trunks and then… well, my knowledge about trees and greens are fairly poor so those are the only I can recognize and name but there are a few more that’s for sure. Every once in a while, like a post card coming alive a traditional small red house with white corners pops up from nowhere and first makes you think “who in the world would want to live here in the middle of nowhere?!” and then makes you grateful for whoever does that so that you could witness the scene.

Despite having all this right here my mind is actually far away in a very different place. Around this time last year (or a few days later since it was after Christmas) I traveled to the southern hemisphere, to Uruguay in South America. Although I love the images and beauty of a winter landscape I think I have lost some of my northern genes because I really don’t like the cold and Uruguay, in this period of the year is anything but cold.

Piriápolis, Uruguay

Palms of Piriápolis

Boats at Piriápolis, Uruguay

The Piriápolis harbour

I spent a few amazing weeks there and I took tons of photos and I was planning to put together a story of the trip but it’s been a crazy year and I just didn’t manage to find the time. I still have photos I haven’t even managed to go through and sort not to mention processing them. Of course I have processed some and even if I don’t share them with the stories that goes with them I thought it be appropriate and a break from the present most of us are living and it’s where my mind often travels these days.

The sand dunes at Valizas, Uruguay

The sand dunes at Valizas

Los palmares de Rocha, Uruguay

Los palmares de Rocha

La Recompensa, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

A local at La Recompensa hotel, Colonia del Sacramento

Sunset at La Recompensa, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Sunset at La Recompensa Hotel, Colonia del Sacramento 

The images are from Montevideo and from different places along the east coast which basically is just a very long beach. There is one or two from Buenos Aires in Argentina which is almost a given excursion as it’s so close to Montevideo. I still hope to find the time one day and go through all of the images and put together something but for now these are just a few images of some spectacular places in beautiful Uruguay (and Buenos Aires).

A horse at Cabo polonio, Uruguay

Horse no. 1 hanging out in Cabo Polonio

A horse at Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Horse no. 2 hanging out in Cabo Polonio

Sunset at Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Sunset at Colonia del Sacramento

Full moon at Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Moonlit beach at Punta del Diablo

Full moon at Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Full moon at Punta del Diablo

The beach at La Paloma, Uruguay

The “beach” at La Paloma

The lighthouse José Ignacio, Uruguay

One of many lighthouses along the coast, the lighthouse José Ignacio

Montevideo beach, Uruguay

View along the Rambla of Montevideo

Vineyard outside Montevideo, Uruguay

Hidden treasure at a vineyard outside Montevideo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Café in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Café in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Streets of Montevideo, Uruguay

A very (un)usual scene on the streets of Montevideo

Drinking mate in Montevideo, Uruguay

National drink time, it’s mate time!

Sunset at Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Sunset at Punta del Diablo

Ok that’s it from me for now. The landscape outside is still white and the number of trees is increasing while the number of houses is decreasing and the light is disappearing… I’m getting closer to home sweet home :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!! See you next year!

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  1. by hnutz

    this is the best Xmas present… so many beautiful photos, so many precious memories <3

    • by Peter

      Very true hnutz, very true :)

  2. by Federica

    Love it!
    Beautifull Uruguay and great photographs!

    • by Peter

      Not a difficult place to photograph :) Thanks Federica and I’m jealouse of you that are going there soon!!

  3. by Emma

    God jul, gott slut och gott nytt år!

    Vilka otroligt fina bilder du tagit.

    • by Peter

      Tack så mycket Emma vad kul att du gillar dom!
      God jul och allt det där till dig också! :)

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