Nea and the bubbles – a first attempt at fusion

So today one of my favorite weeks of the year was over. It seemed they had just arrived and now it was already time for my sister, Jenny, and my niece, Nea, to leave. As always, we had a great time and as always, Liseberg, Gothenburg’s theme park was the highlight of the week. Apart from that we had time for visiting the island outside Gothenburg, a bit of shopping (a fairly new request on Nea’s list to do while in Gothenburg), playing board games, playing more board games, having a picnic bbq, watching Sweden in the women European championship in football (on TV even though the game was played in Gothenburg) and… well, I’m not sure but time just flew by. Last day, yesterday, we went out into the garden outside my apartment to do some photography. My sister wanted some new photos of Nea since it’s been a while since I last photographed her (have a look at those photos here).

My sister had asked me to shoot some photos of her playing around with soap bubbles and I thought it could be a good time to give “fusion” a go. What is “fusion” you say, well it’s the combination of short video clips with still photography. I’ve seen a few example of this and I have wanted to give it a go. Of course, the main part of the shoot was still images but at the end we made a few clips. Please keep in mind this was more or less the first time I put my camera into video mode so bare with me, baby steps, baby steps :) Anyway, we had a good time doing this (if you take out the occasional soap in the eyes incidents) and I will for sure keep practicing fusion and I hope to improve on it since I really think it adds something special to a shoot like this.

There is music in the slideshow so if you might disturb people around you make sure to plug in those earphones.






















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  1. by hnutz

    Nea, du är så söt!!! I liked the “fusion”, hope to see more of that! And I really love the warm sunlight in the pics :) well done all of you :)

    • by Peter

      Thanks hnutz! :) I hope to have more fusion to show in the future so keep an eye out for it. Oh and now that you know the secret of the warm sunlight I hope you still like this ;)

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