Stockholm, have you been there? No? Go!

Just a short post sharing some photos from last weekend in Stockholm. It was cold, the weather was not great, the days were short and dark, the visit was fantastic!! I’ve been in Stockholm three times now (as a “tourist” that is, meaning, actually walking around in the city) and it is a beautiful! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go in spring or summer, always winter or autumn and it is still very nice but I think spring and summer are the season where the city really comes into its own. Lately I have gotten more and more interested in HDR and that kind of city photography (I still prefer people and “classical”street photography) so I was mostly concentrating on that this time so less “street” and more houses, scenic outlooks etc.

The top two are composed or up to five different exposures so I guess maybe you can say “true” HDR while the bottom one was given a HDR treatment but only using a single exposure. Apart from looking for “HDR subjects” I was also looking for some nice cityscapes and night images and although HDR is very common also for these kind of subjects I didn’t thing the HDR gave anything more to the photos so I stuck with a “normal” non-HDR treatment, I think it works.

I’m in a cafe with my friend Sven and he is getting restless so I got to pack up and go. I hope it won’t take another two weeks until my next post!

I leave you with a last photo from beautiful Stockholm.

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  1. by Hnutz

    You really made some great lemonade with the lemons that the wintery dark days gave you in Stockholm! Love how your skies are popping out lately, hdr or not, the clouds here look so interesting. And again Im amazed how your choice of colour treatment can transmit such different feelings; take the first two images for example: happy Sunday morning vs sinister Sunday afternoon! ;)

  2. Really like the photos and your wording and description ..You have got talent in many things.. You should do the same thing about dancing.. Be good feed back the dancers..

  3. by Gingersoup

    I loooooove the last picture!!! The sky is like a painting and the outline of the church gives some fair-tale ambient! Don’t like so much the big construction crane, but it’s funny to have it there. You pictures make me want to go there even more!!!

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